Tartufi the Triton

October saw a huge white Triton pull up in the driveway for a long stay. After many months of research and soul searching the Mitsubishi Triton 4×4 dual cab was the most suitable for the Koolies and their human’s future needs (it even has butt warmers lol for the humans).

We named it ‘Tartufi’ the Triton (well it is black & white after all). The canopy has been ordered from Sunny Queensland with windows, vents and one whirlybird to keep the ventilation options best for the Koolies over the sleek sporty non dog friendly canopies out there!

When the canopy arrives it will be fitted locally and then the rear inside tub fit out begins. Though I suspect what I have in my head will be far from ‘what I can actually fit’. Draws, floors, wet area storage and of course separate travelling secure areas for the Koolies, win over needing Louis Vuitton travel bag storage space baaahaaaaa.

Canopy fitted Dec 2018

January 2019 saw the completion of ‘Tartufi’s’ fit out. A custom slide rear floor was the last piece of work. This allowed us to have several tie down options for the beloved ‘Black Hound’ crash crate both front and rear of the floor. It also has two full length draws with dividers to allow us to store leads, tools, wet weather gear, etc.



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