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How do I know if my farm has truffles?

You don’t unless you are on your knees sniffing!  Hence why you hire Koolies Nose. You may see truffles breaking the ground near the base/trunk, or soil being pushed up, you may lift the weed mat around the base of the tree and see a truffle or rotted truffle. Truffles are located by their smell. When they ripen they emit a very powerful, fragrant, aroma which comes up through the soil.

The Koolies Nose K9s mark the spot where a truffle is. The dog handler will then sniff the ground to confirm that the truffle has reached maturity to be carefully dug out of the ground by the humans.

We take the time to ensure your trees and surrounds are searched for truffles. Our dogs use a combination of air and ground scenting to locate truffles. We do this on lead to ensure your farm is searched methodically and the dogs are focused and intent on their work area.

In the truffle season, we recommend sniffing the truffière at regular intervals. Once our dog indicates a find we check and reward our dog.  The decision to harvest is made final on the odour and we don’t want to disturb the truffle too much until the optimal ripeness is reached We can mark and move on, or work beside you to dig up the truffle.

During harvest season trees should be searched every 7-10 days, so there is a necessary and significant time commitment required at this time of the year.  It is worth considering booking well ahead hiring professional truffle hunters, with trained and expert dogs

(One of our clients had a cat called Henry, a large fluffy tabby. He loved accompanying her in the truffière. One day while they were in the truffière he rolled on the very first black truffle, dislodging it. Sadly he died not long afterwards, but he will live on in memory and that tree, a holly oak is now labelled and named Henry’s tree)

20180603_093935Can you guarantee a truffle hit?

Our trained and hard working dogs have no problems finding truffles when they are ripe (and up to 3 weeks before they are fully ripe).   It is worth considering hiring our professional truffle hunters, with trained and expert dogs and booking us well in advance

Where are you located and do you travel?

The team is based in Romsey, VIC and we travel all over Vic and southern end of NSW (the ACT and NSW we can put you in contact with professional hunters in those States, if required). We also have K9s and their handlers in other areas of Vic as well.

When is the truffle season?

In Australia Truffle Season, generally, runs from late May/ early June for to September for T melanospurum and  T borchii.

What Species of Truffles do you find?

The Koolies Nose K9 teams are trained to identify both Tuber melanosporum and T borchii and hope one day to locate T magnatum on inoculated trees

HUGE KV truffleHow deep do they grow and what else likes them?

Truffles can be found at any depth from breaking the surface to anywhere as deep as 30cm (generally, in Australia to 20cm).

The truffles signal they are mature and ready for eating by developing odours and sending of gasses and pheromones. This smell signals to us they are mature and ready for eating and is the same smell that lets wildlife know there is a hidden treasure under the ground. We are not the only ones who think truffles are yummy, so there are a number of pests that like to eat truffles and a lot of research into these and how to manage them

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