About us

G’day I’m Karyn (Kat) I have two awesome Australian Koolies (it’s a 160+-year-old Aussie breed of ‘working’ dog) the eldest is Kyra and she is 9 years, and her full brother Luca, he’s 8 years (he is my fave, but do not tell anyone). Both were bred by Silhouette Koolies in Vic.

I work full time to support a ‘Habit’ and like many before me I love a good hunt, mine is just in Winter on truffières with my dogs in various weather conditions. I will always try to brighten up a winters day with my two Koolies, their running around like mad noisy critters and my desire to wear bright colours wherever possible!

I fell in love with sniffy games with Luca he can be reactive with ‘other breeds’ of dogs. Luca fell in love with sniffy games as he got to work with no dogs and just me. His rewards were not food but, seeing me smile, squeal with delight and giggle when he found the smell. He got to lick my face that was his most favourite reward. It still is all about that for him. He moved from smelling competition odours to smelling truffles…

They all used to laugh at me in classes when I started talking about hunting truffles……

There’s nothing quite like the serenity of a crisp early winter morning working with our Koolies in their quest to sniff out your truffles. The Koolies intelligence, strong working ethic, the interaction between dog and handler, the thrill the handlers and dogs share when they find a truffle, is a sight you will never get tired of being part of!

Out of Truffle season, we all like nothing better than recreational herding, dock diving, Treibball, chasing seagulls on the beach, swimming and visiting our extended family on 400 acres of land and dams or simply laying on the lounge room floor at home. Kyra (she’s my fave, but don’t tell any one) was the first Koolie to win a silver medal in a Treibball competition in Australia. She also loves to wow the crowds at the Royal Melbourne Show demonstrating various sport with a GoPro harness on her!