Hunting and training

Hunting and Training.

We offer hunting services with our own dogs and human handlers. At times we may also have other Koolie dog/s/handlers learning who relish the opportunity to come on a farm to hone their skills in situ as part of their ongoing training (and I ask if they can join us to keep their training up before just turning up on your farm).

I deliver hands on training that is straight forward and simple. I come to you, teach you what I have learned and developed from working with and for farmers on farms. I do not use fake, synthetic, oil truffle products.


I practice positive reinforcement when training and our dogs are not trained to alert us with any fancy tricks. Both our dogs have been allowed to develop their own style of alerting us. Our jobs as handlers are to observe our dogs, looking for very subtle changes in them while they are working. When they start to pick up a scent in the air or near the ground we notice. So if you are walking with us, while we are working, keep in mind – if we don’t look at you when talking it’s for good reason.

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