• Our Koolies are trainined to identify Tuber Melanosporum & Borchii
  • Both our dogs have also competed in the first scent trails and K9 Nose Works Odour Recognition Trails (ORTs) in Victoria on Birch and gained their passes, Luca has also gained his pass on Anise. Out of season our two dogs do a range of fun things from recreational herding, NoseWorks, laying on the lounge and their most favorite thing is to run and swim at the beach or on several hundred acres of land outside of Echuca when they can pick any dam to swim in when they get hot!

Kat has completed a number of seminars on Truffles and Dog handling in particular Canine Olfaction - dog handler must learn to interpret their dog’s behavior when detecting odor molecules.  The handler should have an understanding of the dog’s olfactory system and the odor molecules the dog detects. This seminar is for everyone who has a dog and is interested in how dogs use their nose to detect odors. Canine Olfaction, how the canine nose works, scent discrimination, factors effecting odors and utilizing your knowledge of Odors and Olfaction.

Handler Error - specifically focuses on Handler Error and incorporates both video and power point presentations. Experience has shown that by establishing and applying a consistent maintenance training program, the areas of handler error (e. g. leash handling, detailing skills, reading changes of behavior, search patterns, cueing, considering environment) are easily understood and correctable. The experienced canine handler will quickly recognize that there are many situations that can lead to handler error.

Kat also had the opportunity to work one on one with Fred Helfers while attending his above clinics. For over 22 years Fred worked in the USA undercover narcotics and it was during his early years on the department that Fred wrote a proposal for the first drug detection dog for that agency. The proposal was accepted and Fred entered the world of detection dogs. Completing training in 1982 with his first dog Sammy (a Black Labrador Retriever), Fred and Sammy were the only drug detection unit between Seattle and the Canadian Border, and, as such, were very busy. Working as a detective in the drug unit, Fred worked and trained regularly with the local US Customs dog team. For the next 8 years Fred and Sammy worked between Seattle and the Canadian border, detecting over a million dollars in US currency (drug proceeds) and multiple large quantities of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and cannabis.

Black Truffle seminar and Intergrating commercial hazelnut varieties with Truffles (Colin Carpenter and Noel Fitzpatrick).

Victorian Pest Roadshow Workshop (tree pests, things that love to eat truffles like beetles, bugs, slugs and slaters).